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Current region Newfoundland and Labrador
Place of origin England

The Cooper Family of Random Island[a]

The first Cooper to live in the Random Island area[b] was Edward Cooper (born in 1781, sometimes referred to as “Edward I”) who moved to the community of Ireland's Eye after marrying Ann (Nancy) Emmery in 1812[1][2]. We will consider them to be the “First Generation” of the Cooper Family of Random Island.

Edward I and Ann had at least 8 children (the “Second Generation”), several of whom stayed and raised large families of their own in Ireland's Eye or elsewhere on Random Island. In turn, many of Edward I and Ann’s grandchildren (the “Third Generation”) stayed and raised families in the area. Consequently, Edward I and Ann have a large number of descendants in the Random Island area.

Pre Random Island

There is some uncertainty regarding the earliest Cooper ancestor of the Random Island Cooper Family to have lived in Newfoundland. It seems most likely that he was William George Cooper, who is believed to have been born around 1758 in England[3], and who died in 1819 in Grates Cove. William George’s wife was Margaret Elizabeth Thomas who was born in 1760 in either England or Newfoundland, and died in 1842 in Grates Cove[4]. It seems likely that William George and Margaret moved to Newfoundland with their son Edward I in the late 1700s, and settled in Grates Cove.

However, there are reports[5] of a Charles Cooper, son of a West County (England) merchant, settling in Grates Cove around 1705, and of another Charles moving from Lower Island Cove (Conception Bay) to Grates Cove around 1790. There are other reports[5] of Coopers in the Conception Bay and St. John’s areas in the 1700s, such that all of these other Coopers are candidates for early relatives of the Random Island Coopers in Newfoundland.

First Generation

There is a report[5] of a “George {Cooper} and son, proprietors and occupiers of fishing rooms at Grates Cove, Winter, 1800-01”. It seems plausible that this father and son were the William George and son Edward I noted above, and that this Edward was the one born in Lymington England in 1781 and believed to have been the first Cooper (Edward Cooper I) to settle on greater Random Island[1]. One family tree[4] indicates that Edward I first married Louisa Hodder (1785-1812) in 1805. In any case, Edward I then married Ann Emmery (1798-1883) in Trinity in 1812[1][2] and settled in Ireland's Eye.

Ann, also sometimes referred to as “Nancy”[1], was the daughter of Moses Emmery and Rachel Goldsworthy of Trinity. Moses was a sea captain based out of Trinity, St. John’s and/or Poole England. Records indicate that Ann was baptized in 1798 in Trinity, “a daughter to Rachel Goldsworthy by Capt Moses Emmery of Poole (illegitimate)”, and that Rachel and Moses married in 1805[2][6]. Thus, both Edward I and Ann provided a strong maritime heritage to their extended Random Island Cooper Family.

Edward passed away in 1868 and Ann in 1883. Both are buried in the Ireland's Eye Anglican Cemetery[2].

The abandoned community of Ireland's Eye in 1989
The abandoned community of Ireland's Eye in 1989[i]
Headstone of Edward I
Headstone of Edward I[ii]
Headstone of Ann
Headstone of Ann[iii]

Random Island Families

Second, Third and Fourth Generations

Edward I and Ann (Nancy) raised at least 8 children (the “Second Generation”) in the community of Ireland's Eye[7]:

  • James who was born in 1814[1][2] and baptized in Trinity in November 1815.  There are indications[3] that he married Mary Ellen Sullivan (b 1824) of Kings Cove (Bonavista Bay), they moved to St. John’s, and they had at least 2 children (and probably more [see below]).  James passed away in 1859. 
  • John who was born in 1817[1][2].  Three family trees[4] indicate that he died on Ireland's Eye in 1868, without any indication of a marriage or children.
  • Edward (“Edward II”) who was born in 1818[1][2], married Ann Patience Bannister (1823-1894) of British Harbour in 1840, and died on Ireland's Eye in 1899.  They had at least 9 children on Ireland's Eye [see below].
  • William who was born 1822[1][2], first married Louisa Jaynes (1833-1879) of Trinity in 1850, later married Louisa Paul in 1885, and died on Ireland's Eye in 1900.  William and his first wife Louisa had at least 8 children on Ireland's Eye [see below].
  • Rachel who was born in 1825[1][2], married Silas Loader (1819-1904) from Old Perlican, and died in 1910 on Ireland's Eye.  They had 8 children in the community of Ireland's Eye, 3 of whom had children on greater Random Island [see Loder Family].
  • Anne who was born in 1828[1][2], married Richard Miller in 1848, and died in Kerley’s Harbour in 1902.  Information on any children has not been found.
  • Thomas who was born in 1831[1], married Mary Arabella Toope (1841-1917) in 1858, and died in 1910 in Ireland's Eye.  They had at least 12 children on Ireland's Eye [see below].

In the Lovell’s 1871 Directory for Ireland's Eye[2], an Edward is listed as a fisherman and a Thomas William as a planter (possibly, the Thomas or William above).  For Thoroughfare, a James Baker (probably, Johanna’s husband) is listed as a fisherman.  For Kerley’s Harbour, a Richard Miller (probably, Anne’s husband) is listed as a fisherman.

It is noteworthy that Edward I and Ann had at least 48 grandchildren, 45 of whom were born on greater Random Island[b].

The following subsections provide further information on the families of the children of Edward I and Ann, including the 5 families raised in the Random Island area.  Information is drawn from the various references listed in the References, including research by the author[a] and communications with his second, third and fourth cousins descended from Silas and Rachel (Cooper) Loader of Ireland's Eye.

James Cooper and Family

Two family trees[4] indicate that James and Mary Ellen (Sullivan) had sons (members of the “Third Generation”):

  • John E who was born in 1843 in St. John’s, married Elizabeth Chidley (1852-1929) of there, and died there in 1907. They had 9 children (members of the “Fourth Generation”) there, including:
    • James Joseph (born 1871)
    • John Thomas (b 1875, married Bridget McAllister, 5 children)
    • Christopher (b 1880)
    • Francis (1880-1959)
    • Edward (1884-1961, married Alice McCormack, 8 children)
    • Alice Mary (1886-1916)
    • Mary Alice (b 1891)
    • Margaret (b 1893)
    • Agnes Mary (b 1895)[4].
John Thomas and Edward raised their families in St. John’s but John Thomas and Bridget died in the USA.
  • James Joseph, Catherine & family
    James Joseph, Catherine & family[iv]
    James Joseph who was born in 1844 in Trinity Bay, married Catherine Power (1853-1907) of St. John’s, and died there in 1921. They had 10 children there, including:
    • Mary Ellen (1876-1906, married Michael Rolls, 5 children)
    • Monica Anne (b 1878)
    • Patrick (1880-1880)
    • Katherine Gertrude (1881-1974, married Herbert Emerson, 6 children)
    • Anastasia Mary (1884-1948, married Floyd Snedecker, 1 son)
    • Mary Alice (b 1889)
    • Terrence Gregory (1891-1939, married Ida Doyle, 11 children)
    • Isabelle (1892-1971)
    • Ethel Mary (b 1895)
At least two of these married children moved to the USA.

There is also a Newfoundland baptism record[4] for a William Cooper born to James Cooper and Ellen Sullivan in 1847 but the location, and whether these are the same parents as discussed here, are uncertain. It appears that James did not live in the Random Island area after marrying Mary Ellen. He died elsewhere in Newfoundland in 1859, and there is uncertainty about when and where Mary Ellen died. It appears that they had at least 19 grandchildren.

Edward Cooper II and Family

Edward II and Ann Patience (Bannister) raised their family in Ireland's Eye, with children (all born there)[2][3]:

  • John who was born in 1843[1], married Mary Miller of Ireland's Eye and died in 1889. John and Mary had children:
    • Emmanuel (1873-1936) who married Mary Elizabeth Watton (1904-1921) of Ireland's Eye in 1920[2]
    • Emily Miller (1876-1932) who had a son Ezekiel (b 1904), and then married Sydney Watton of Ireland's Eye and had 5 children while living on Ireland's Eye.[3]
    • Baxter James (b 1883),
all born on Ireland's Eye.
  • Tryphena who was born in 1845, married William Watton (1838-1915) of Warwickshire England in 1895, and had at least one daughter Alice (1869-1953)[2]. Tryphena and William lived on Ireland's Eye where she died in 1921. Alice married Jonathan Piercey of Scilly Cove (now Winterton).
  • Joanna who was born in 1849[1] and married John Hogarth Newhook (1848-1926) of Trinity[4]. They lived in the Trinity area and had children:
    • James (1877-1960)
    • Helen (Ellen) (1879-1879)
    • William (1879-1879)
    • Charles Edward (1883-1964).
Joanna died in 1899 in Port Rexton.
  • Mary Anne who was born in 1850[6], married Joseph King (1841-1895) of New Bonaventure in 1870[2], and had 7 children while living there[7].
  • Thomas who was born in 1851[1], married Elizabeth Ann Piercey (b 1846) of Robin Hood Bay (near Port Rexton) in 1873, and died on Ireland's Eye in 1887. They lived on Ireland's Eye and had children:
    • Esrom (1874-1937). Esrom married Tryphena Jane Bailey of Ireland's Eye in 1894; they had the following children while living in Old Tilt (near Ivanhoe) and Traytown on Ireland's Eye[2][7].:
      • Eliel (1896-1920)
      • Samuel (1900-1988)
      • Eliza (1902-1981, married Willis Miller of Thoroughfare)
      • Herbert (1906-2006, married Emma Jane Miller of Ivanhoe)
      • James (b 1909, married Evelyn Watton of Ivanhoe)
    • Naomi Elizabeth (1876-1956)
    • Edward John (1878-1943).
Naomi may be the one who married Joseph Bailey and moved to Port Rexton[2].
  • James who was born in 1853, married Mary Ann Hodder (b 1860) of Ireland's Eye, and died there in 1913[2][3]. They lived on Ireland's Eye and had children:
    • Arthur Herbert (1881-1954). Arthur married Ella Mills (b 1884) of Thoroughfare in 1904; they had 2 children on Ireland's Eye before moving away to the USA.
    • Elias William (b 1884)
    • Amelia (1887-1893)
    • Rebecca Maude (b 1889)
    • Ralph Thomas (1891-1892)
    • Fanny Edith (1892-1945). Fanny Edith married Reuben Kelly of Black Duck Cove in 1916; they had 6 children while living there.
    • Willis (1893-1949). Willis married Sarah Kelly of Black Duck Cove in 1917; they had 1 son on Ireland's Eye before moving away and having 2 more sons and a daughter.
    • Ethel Annie (1895-1899)[2].
  • Albert who was born in 1856[2] and married Sarah Jane Crocker (1867-1963) of Deer Harbour in 1887. They lived on Ireland's Eye where they had children:
    • Eleanor (b 1892)
    • Henry Thomas (b 1893)
    • Edgar (b 1897)
    • Jesse Francis (b 1901).
Albert died in 1925 on Ireland's Eye and Sarah Jane in 1953 in St. John’s. Son Jesse and his wife Olive (nee Cooper, daughter of Edward IV [see below]) had 2 children and lived in Ireland's Eye until at least 1945[2], but died in Nova Scotia[3].
  • Edward (III) James who was born in 1859 and first married Elizabeth Hodder of Trinity in 1892. Elizabeth died in January 1894 on Ireland's Eye, apparently during the birth of daughter Gertrude (1894-1895)[2][3]. Edward III, listed as a “master mariner”, then married Mary Ann Toope (1866-1958) of Deer Harbour in 1894 (see their photo below) and, while living in Old Tilt on Ireland's Eye they had a son[2]:
    • Cyril (1896-1970) who served in the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserves, 1915-1919, in World War I[8]. He married Sarah Walters (b 1896) of Placentia Bay in 1920, and they then moved to Massachusetts where they had 3 daughters[4].
Edward III and Mary Ann moved to Snook’s Harbour in the 1880s[9] or late 1890s[c] where they had sons:
  • Leslie (Les, 1899-1971) who married Susannah (Susie) Cooper (1899-1986, daughter of William Cooper [see below]); they lived in Snook’s Harbour [see their photo below] where they raised 4 sons [see below], and
  • Reuben (1903-1966) who moved to Massachusetts in the 1920s and married Agnes Sparks (1902-1984) of Lower Island Cove in 1933; they raised 4 children in the USA[4].
Edward III died in 1948 and Mary Ann in 1958, both in Snook’s Harbour.
  • Amelia who was born in 1862. She died in 1893[2].
  • Arthur Robert who was born in 1864 and married Jane Parrott (1869-1909) of Scilly Cove in 1889. They lived on Ireland's Eye and had at least 5 children[2]:
    • Plymouth Charles (1889-1961) who married Miriam Miller (1893-1920) of Ireland's Eye in 1910; they had children:
  • Ralph (1910-1994)
  • Jane (1911-1911)
  • Pheobe Gladys (1914-1965)
while living there. Plymouth later married Harriet Kelly (1901-1975) of Black Duck Cove; they had children:
  • Muriel Gwendolyn (1922-1993)
  • Lorenzo (1924-1924)
  • Melvin Alderdyce (1925-1990)
  • Alexander Clayton (1926-1980)
  • Harrison Valentine (1928-1986)
  • Gene Sherill (1930-1988)
  • Dulcie Marie (1934-2010)
while still living on Ireland's Eye.
  • Mary Anne (1893-1952). Mary Ann married Henry Toope of Ireland's Eye in 1914 and they had 10 children on Ireland's Eye, 6 of whom married.
  • Thomas (b 1897)
  • Muriel Patience (1902-1917)
  • Arthur (1909-1909)[2].
Arthur Robert died in 1942 and wife Jane died in 1909, both on Ireland's Eye.

Edward II died in 1899 and Patience in 1894, both in Ireland's Eye. It appears that they had at least 40 grandchildren.

William Cooper and Family

Edward IV & Mary Ann Cooper
Edward IV & Mary Ann Cooper[iii]
Moses, William & Gerald (Sons of Edward IV)
Moses, William & Gerald (sons of Edward IV)[iii]
William & Emily Cooper
William & Emily Cooper[v]
Hayward Cooper
Hayward Cooper[vi]
Ephriam Cooper
Ephriam Cooper[vi]
Susannah & her husband Leslie Cooper
Susannah & her husband Leslie Cooper[vii]

William and Louisa (Janes) raised their family in Ireland’s Eye, with children[1][2][7]:

  • Rachel who was born in 1851, married Joseph Miller of Ireland's Eye in 1876 and died in 1897 in Thoroughfare[2]. Rachel and Joseph lived on Ireland's Eye and had children:
    • Arthur (1876-1880)
    • Luke (1876-1880)
    • William Henry (1877-1945) who married Mary Ann Ivany; they lived in Thoroughfare and had at least 2 children[2][7];
    • Elisha (1880-1940) who married Blanche Ledrew of Burnt Arm; they had 3 children while living in Ireland's Eye and Thoroughfare[7]
    • Luke (b 1883)
    • Louisa (1887-1972) who married Samuel Toope of Ireland's Eye, and they had at least 2 children while living there.[7]
  • Edward IV (“Skipper Ned”) who was born in 1854, first married Mary Ann Pitcher (1850-1882) in 1879 and then married Mary Ann Brown (1866-1940) in 1884[1]. Edward IV and his first wife had children:
    • Louisa (1880-1881)
    • Hugh (1882-1963)[2][7] who married Grace Toope of Ireland's Eye; they had 2 daughters and a son[2][4][7].
Edward IV and his second wife had children:
  • Gerald (1886-1886)
  • Rachel (1887-1967, married Gilbert Toope of Ireland's Eye in 1910)
  • Eunice (1889-1990, married Edgar Hodder of Ireland's Eye in 1906)
  • William (1891-1971, married Mary Miller of Kerley’s Harbour in 1920)
  • Louisa (1893-1985, married Llewelyn Toope of TrInity in 1915)
  • Edward (1895-1963, married Monica Toope of Trinity)
  • Thomas (1897-1897)
  • Gerald (1898-1978, married Lillie Myrtle Avery of Grates Cove in 1927)
  • Annie Florence (1900-1953, married William Miller of Kerley’s Harbour)
  • Olive Alexandria (1902-1995, married Jesse Cooper of Ireland's Eye)
  • Moses Egbert (1905-1978, married Maggie Miller of Kerley’s Harbour)
  • Maxwell George (1907-1911)
  • James Gordon (1909-1910)
  • Faith (1911-1994, married Ernest Toope of Ireland's Eye).
All of these children were born in Ireland's Eye. Son Edward served in the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve, 1916-1919, in World War I[8].
Edward IV died in 1940 on Ireland's Eye.
  • William who was born in 1856, and married Emily Smith (1860-1946) of Elliott's Cove (formerly of Hant’s Harbour) in 1881[10] [see Smith Family]. William and Emily were among the early settlers in Snook's Harbour where they had children[4]:
    • Deborah (1884-1978, first married John Mills, later married Norman Smith, lived in Elliott's Cove)
    • Jessie (1887-1983, married Peter Hefford, lived in Snook's Harbour)
    • William (1889-1985) married Ethel Smith (1905-1977) of Apsey Brook; they settled in Elliott’s Cove and had a daughter and a son.
    • Alfreda (1891-1924)
    • Hayward (1892-1962)
    • Ephraim (1894-1961, married Margaret Horlick) and had 2 sons and a daughter.
    • Alice (1895-2003, married Attwood Smith, lived in Elliott's Cove)
    • Susannah (1899-1986, married Leslie Cooper) they had sons Eric (1922-2012), Donald (1925-2019), Gordon (1932-2020) and one other (b 1940) all raised in Snook’s Harbour.
    • Willis (1901-1988, married Jean Porter)
    • Lydia.
Hayward and Ephraim served overseas in the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in World War I, 1915-1918 and 1917-1919, respectively[8]. Hayward did not marry.
William and Emily passed away in Snook’s Harbour, as did most of their children, and are buried in the United Church Cemetery there.

Cooper property in Snook's Harbour, early 1900s
Cooper property in Snook's Harbour, early 1900s[viii]
  • Rosanna M who was born in 1859, and married Thomas Ivany (1860-1937) of Pease Cove in 1884. They settled in Ivanhoe on Ireland's Eye and had sons[2]:
    • Elam (1887-1964) who married Edith Gertrude Luther of White Rock in 1910; they had 4 children while living on Ireland’s Eye[7]; and
    • William John (1892-1958) who married Lillian Paul of Sheave A’Stern Cove, and they had 7 children while living in Ivanhoe on Ireland's Eye.
Rosanna died in 1916 in Old Tilt.
  • Mary Ann who was born in 1861 and in 1890 married Alfred Bailey (1864-1946) of Old Bonaventure where they settled. They had children
    • Alonzo George (1894-1985, married Annie Stone)
    • Cyril (1895-1977, married Annie Bailey)
    • Llewellyn (1897-1947, married Lucy Ann LeDrew)
    • Harriett L (1899-1983, married Jacob House)[4]
Mary Ann died in 1940 and Alfred in 1946, both in Old Bonaventure.
  • Leah who was born in 1863 and married James Brown (1860-1943) of Thoroughfare in 1884. They settled in Thoroughfare and had children
    • Moses (1886-1964, married Theodosia Toope)
    • Mary Ellen (1887-1973, married Richard Bailey)
    • Clara (b 1889)
    • Beatrice Grace (b 1890)
    • Edward S (“Ned”, 1891-1980, married Effie Mills)
    • Hannah (b 1895)
    • Delilah (1900-1920)
    • Leah (1904-1993, married Alphaeus Mills)[d]
    • Edith (b 1907)
    • William[7]
Leah died in 1952 in Ireland's Eye, and James in 1943 in Thoroughfare.
  • Mahala who was born in 1866 and married George Ivany (1868-1948) of Britannia in 1891[7]. They settled in Old Tilt and Ivanhoe on Ireland's Eye, and had children
    • Ella Maud (b 1893, married John Charles Long)
    • Louise (1896-1975, married Richard Wiseman)
    • Effie (b 1898, married John Long)
    • Orlando (1899-1979, married Florence King)
    • Joseph John (1901-1979, married Delilah Miller)
    • William Robert (b 1903)[7].
Mahala died in 1921 and George in 1948, both in Ivanhoe.
  • George Henry who was born in 1868 and married Rebecca Toope (1871-1914) of Ireland's Eye in 1891. They lived on Ireland's Eye and had 2 children:
    • Simeon (1892-1913)
    • Willis (1896-1974) who married Amelia Sharpe (1895-1934)[7]. They had 9 children born on Ireland's Eye.
Rebecca died in 1914 and George in 1948, both on Ireland's Eye.
  • Elizabeth who was born in 1872
  • Elijah who was born in 1872 and married Naomi (“Marnie”) Cull of St. Anthony in 1898. They first settled on Ireland's Eye where they had children
    • Allen (1899-1923)
    • Henry Wilfred (1901-1924)
    • Sylvester “Cyril” (1905-1988, married Fanny Bessey)
    • Harold Hubert (1907-1980, married Effie Pilgrim)[7]
They then moved to St. Anthony where they had children
  • William (1909-1923)
  • Lillian (“Lily”, 1912-1994)
  • Leah (1914-1930)
  • Joseph (b 1917)
  • Norman (1920-1926).
Naomi died in 1939 and Elijah in 1952, both in St. Anthony.

Louisa died in 1879 and William in 1900, both in Ireland's Eye. They had at least 53 grandchildren.

Rachel (Cooper) Loader and Family

Rachel and Silas lived in Ireland's Eye where they had 7 children,[1][2][7] [see Loder Family for more detail]:

  • Ann who was born in 1848, married Nathaniel Mills of Thoroughfare in 1870 and settled in Thoroughfare. They had at least 7 children.
  • John who was born in 1850 and married Jane Tilley Smith of Elliott's Cove[10] [see Smith Family for more detail] in 1873. They had 8 children – 2 born in Ireland's Eye where they initially lived, and the others born in Snook's Harbour.
  • Silas who was born in 1852 and died as a teenager in a tragic sealing accident off Ireland's Eye in March 1875.
  • Elizabeth who was born in 1856 and, in 1882, married Alexander Gardner of British Harbour (on the northern side of Smith Sound, across from Ireland's Eye). They settled there and had at least 7 children.
  • William who was born in 1858 and died in 1877, from poor health after being in the cold water for a couple of hours during the 1875 sealing accident in which his brother Silas drowned;
  • James who was born in 1860 and married Caroline Eveligh of Trinity in 1881. They settled in Ireland's Eye where they raised 4 children.
  • Rachel who was born in 1867 and died as a child in 1877.

Rachel and Silas both died and are buried on Ireland's Eye.

Thomas Cooper and Family

Thomas and Mary Arabella (Toope) raised their family in Ireland's Eye, with children (all born there)[1][2][4][7]:

  • Flora who was born and died in 1859.
  • Harriett Elizabeth who was born in 1860, married Levi King of New Bonaventure in 1886, and died in 1890 in Boston.
  • George Henry who was born in 1862, first married Anna March of Bay de Verde and then Rebecca ?? (1863-1914), and died in Ireland's Eye in 1935. George and Rebecca had a son Simeon (1892-1913) on Ireland's Eye.
  • James C who was born in 1863, married Valley Greenwald (1862-1943) of Germany and died in 1940.
  • John who was born in 1864 and died in 1898 in Ireland's Eye (after marrying Susannah ??[7])
  • Willis who was born in 1867 and died in 1892 in Ireland's Eye.
  • Frederick who was born in 1869, married Ethel Grace Hodder (1871-1962) of Ireland's Eye in 1896, and died in 1915 in Boston. They had the following children born in Boston:
    • Chester (1897-1971, married Mary ?? of Boston)
    • Evelyn (1902-1972, married John Roberts of Vermont)
    • Henry (b 1907, married Leah Randell)
and a son who was born in Newfoundland in 1900 and became a church minister in Boston:
  • Thomas Frederick (b 1900, married Glenna Peterson of Pennsylvania).
  • Lionel Thomas who was born in 1871, married Edith Martha Randell (1879-1959) of Ship Cove and died in 1938 in the USA. They had 2 sons, both born in Newfoundland:
    • Cecil (1899-1977) who died in Massachusetts
    • Alexander who was living in Massachusetts in 1930.
  • Walter Edward who was born and died in 1875.
  • Edward Joseph who was born in 1876, married Rachel Toope (1876-1946) of Ireland's Eye, and died in 1955 in Ireland's Eye. They settled in Ireland's Eye, and had children:
    • Effie (1902-1977, married William Hayter of Trinity and had 3 children),
    • Alexander (1903-1972, married Francis Warner of Vermont and had 2 daughters, died in New Hampshire),
    • Walter Henry (1905-1970, married Gertrude Kranefuss and had 2 children, died in Boston),
    • Victoria (1907-1999, married Frederick Shears of New York, died in USA),
    • Thomas (1909-1909),
    • Frederick Thomas (1910-1974, married Elizabeth Mate of Port Rexton, had 2 children born in Newfoundland, died in Massachusetts),
    • Eli (1912-1912),
    • Leo Malcom (1914-1973, married Julia Hann and had 5 children, died in Stephenville)
    • John (1915-1996, moved to Vermont in 1946[7], married Ruth ??, died in Massachusetts).
Edward Joseph, Rachel and the three youngest surviving sons were listed as living in Ireland's Eye in the 1935 census.
  • Effie Rachel who was born in 1880 and died in 1897 in Ireland's Eye.
  • Alexander who was born in 1883 and died in 1901 in Ireland's Eye.

Thomas died in Ireland's Eye in 1910 and Mary Arabella there in 1917. They had at least 16 grandchildren (and quite possibly more since the fate of some of their children has not been traced).

Johanna (Cooper) Baker and Family

Johanna and James initially lived in Rider’s Harbour where they had children[7]:

  • Flora who was born in 1860.
  • John who born in 1862 and married Mary Ann Jacobs (b 1874) in 1896. They lived in Snook’s Harbour and had a daughter Flora (1909-1991).

Johanna and James then lived in Thoroughfare where they had children[6]:

  • Mary Ann who born in 1864 and married Thomas Coles.
  • Edward James who was born in 1866 and died in 1887.
  • Elizabeth Selah who born in 1868, and married Albert Coles of Somerset England in 1901 in Halifax.
  • Rachel who was born in 1871.
  • Susanna who was born in 1872, and married Arthur Bugden (1852-1918) of Trinity. They lived in Lance Cove and then Petley and had children:
    • Eliza (b 1893)
    • Eugene (1895-1974, married Martha Ivany)
    • Flora (1896-1899)
    • Louise (b 1898)
    • Bertha (b 1900)
    • Heman (1900-1967, married Carrie Bailey, died in Snook's Harbour)
    • Fiona (1902-1921, married Moses Marsh)
    • William (b 1902)
    • Mariam (1902-1921)
    • Millie (1904-1973)
    • Emily Maude (1904-1980)
    • Amelia (b 1904, married George Wiseman)
    • Llewelyn (1908-1929)
    • George (1910-1994, married Ivy Smith)
    • James
    • John[7].
Susanna died in 1954 in Petley, well after Arthur died there in 1918. A record indicating the birth location of their last known son has not been found, but it seems likely that it was Snook's Harbour
  • William who was born in 1878, married Alice Maud Smith of Wake's Brook, and died in 1950. William and Alice lived in Snook’s Harbour and had at least 8 children there [also see Baker Family]:
    • Allan (b 1903, married Louisa Bailey of Trinity East, had 2 children who died young),
    • William (b 1906, married Vercie Ivany of Georges Brook, had 3 children),
    • Kenneth (b 1908, married Alice M Bowering of Britannia, no children),
    • Herbert (b 1911, married Charlotte Clarke, had 3 children),
    • Baxter (b 1914, married Inez Pond of Hickman’s Harbour, 3 children),
    • Gladys (b 1915, married John Keats, lived in Musgravetown area, had at least 2 children),
    • Phoebe (b 1917, first married Robert Skiffington, later married Lesley Skiffington, lived in Musgravetown area, had at least 3 children with Robert),
    • Marjorie (b 1919, had 1 son, married Wallace Reid).
Six of these children lived in Snook’s Harbour after marrying.

Johanna died in 1902 in Trinity, and James in 1915 in Snook’s Harbour.

James and Johanna were among (if not) the earliest permanent settlers in the Snook’s Harbour area[9]. James, listed in 1896 as a “ferryman”, is believed to have settled in Souley's Brook (near Snook’s Harbour) during the early 1870s, around the same time as a John Baker who may have been his brother[9] [also see Baker Family]. This timing is consistent with the above birth location of James and Johanna’s children born between 1864 and 1872. It is noteworthy that the baptisms of Johanna’s great nephews Elkanah (b 1877) and Thomas (b 1879) Loder (sons of her nephew John Loder who also settled in Snook’s Harbour in the 1870s [see Loder Family]) were not recorded in the Trinity Anglican Church, consistent with both families moving to Snook’s Harbour around this time and losing contact with the Trinity church. Johanna was the only child of Edward I and Ann to move to Snook’s Harbour.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Prepared by John W Loder ( with input from Barry Cooper ( John is a great-great grandson of Rachel Cooper and Silas Loader of Ireland’s Eye. He has done extensive research on the ancestry of the Loder and other families of Snook’s Harbour. Barry is a great-great grandson of Johanna Cooper (Rachel’s sister) and James Baker who were among the earliest settlers in the Snook’s Harbour area.
  2. 2.0 2.1 The term “greater Random Island” here refers to Random Island with Ireland's Eye and nearby small islands included, while the term “Random Island area” refers to greater Random Island and communities on the mainland sides of Smith and Random Sounds such as British Harbour. This is in contrast to some works (e.g., the books by W.B.W. Martin, see References 8&9) which do not include Ireland's Eye as a part of Random Island.
  3. Son Cyril’s birth in 1896 in Old Tilt indicates that Edward III and Mary Ann may not have moved to Snook’s Harbour until the late 1890s.
  4. Information updated by Ken Wilson, and confirmed by great niece Judy Mills Collins via Facebook. Also confirmed via census information on Newfoundland Grand Banks


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