Apsey Brook Buying Club

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Apsey Brook Buying Club
OwnerCo-operative of Apsey Brook Families
Apsey Brook Buying Club

The Apsey Brook Buying Club was a co-operative store in Apsey Brook that ran from the 1940s till the 1970s. Families took turns operating the store, with a small building, pictured, being moved around when operators changed. Oral history has it that when May Smith ran it however, it was done from a large front room in her house.

The store stocked such items as canned goods, confectionary, frozen meats, cheese and of course, salt beef. A large roll of twine was strung through hook eyes, to tie up parcels wrapped from a large roll of brown paper. A weigh scale for weighing meats and cheese, and a slicer for cutting bologna and ham.

Purchases were often recorded in a large black book or register, for people to pay later. For cash, a drawer held little bowls for change, screwed into the floor of the drawer.